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The Crescent Park Fire Association Gratefully Accepts Your Donations

After a very productive 2023, The Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association is planning our mitigation events for 2024 that will help keep our Community Fire Safe.

Our Community has earned a Certificate of Recognition from the National Firewise USA Program acknowledging that Crescent Park Fire Protection Association has successfully completed the Firewise program’s annual requirements for 2023 and we are designated a Firewise Community. This was accomplished because many of you participated in clearing your properties of slash and disposing of your slash during our slash event in July which was supported by United Power. This amounted to over 690 hours that our community devoted to fire mitigation. The United Power slash event of 2023 resulted in participation by approximately 35 properties, 20 truckloads of chipped slash equaling 644 cubic yards of


Our efforts will continue in 2024 and will include the establishment of an alternate emergency

evacuation route, additional slash disposal events, inviting Team Rubicon to Crescent Park to assist property owners in mitigation, working with Colorado Forestry Service to clear land areas to create a fire break, and provide information for property clearing from a Forester during our Annual Education Event.

As you all know, everything takes money. If you are able, we invite you to donate to your Fire

Association. As the CPCFPA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible.

This year matching funds up to $1000 will be matched by an anonymous donor from our community. Also, donations of $300 or more will receive a Mitigator to help you clear your property of pine cones, needles and tree debris.

Please send your donation to our treasurer Steve Shelton at 30154 Spruce Canyon Dr, Golden, CO 80403.

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