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Our Team. ​

We are grateful to our founding members and association officers for all their work in getting the organization up and running in such a short period of time.

Barbara Mazurowski

Barbara is retired and a long-term resident of Crescent Park. She spearheads this operation and brought volunteers together to make it happen.

Tony Carmelli.jpg
Tony Carmeli
Vice President

Tony is a long-term resident of Crescent Park who has been active for years in serving the Crescent Park and Coal Creek Canyon  communities with both the CPLHOA and the CCCIA. At the CPCFPA he spearheads the emergency evacuation routes project.

Steve Shelton

Steve and his wife Sue came to Crescent Park in 2019 after enjoying 27 years in Florida.  After a career as a chemical engineer and retiring as a VP, General Manager in the flavor and fragrance industries, Steve spends the majority of his time helping his wife wrangle two granddaughters. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, competitive shooting, golf, and other outdoor activities.  He volunteered as Treasurer because he believes in protecting the beautiful life we all share up here.

Briana “Ibeya” Ingermann

Ibeya moved to Crescent Park in 2021 and has participated in the CPCFPA since 2022. She currently works in astronomy education but also has a passion for sustainable design and architecture. Ibeya embraces both the necessity and feasibility of community adaptation to living in a fire-prone environment, leveraging her organizational skills to support the efforts of the CPCFPA.

Therese Lewis
Board Member

Therese retired in 2022 after a long career in sales operations. She and her husband Jay moved to Crescent Park in 2023. Therese is acutely aware of the threat of wildfire and is dedicated to prevention efforts and education to minimize the risk. She also volunteers with Saws & Slaws and serves on the board of the United Power Roundup Foundation.

McComas Headshot.jpg
Lea McComas
Board Member

Lea and her husband Jim moved to Crescent Park in 2016. She is a retired school teacher, and fiber artist. With a passion for the environment and a belief in the power of community, Lea joins the CPCFPA ready to do her part to make us all safer in the event of a wildfire.

Doug Headshot.jpg
Doug Smith
Board Member

Doug moved to Crescent Park in 2023 with his wife, Christy, who is also an active member of the CPCFPA.  Doug and Christy love living in this community of great neighbors and are passionate about making it a safe environment for everyone in the neighborhood.  Doug serves as a Board Member and manages the website.  

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