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October 1st Slash Chipping Event

Are you staying up to date with your fire mitigation? The CPCFPA, in coordination with the CPLHOA, will be conducting a slash pick-up and chipping event on Saturday, October 1st from 9 am to 1 pm. You must be available on that date to help load your slash onto the chipper or the trucks. If you wish to participate, sign up by emailing your name, address, email and phone number to the event coordinator, Bob Grimm at

All properties in Crescent Park are eligible. If you want slash chipped it is requested that you volunteer for as much of the event as you are able to. We will determine cost once we complete negotiations with the chipper provider. Last year the cost was $20/5 minutes for HOA members and $25/5 minutes for nonmembers. Piles are chipped at a rate up to 15 feet every 5 minutes, but this varies with the nature of the pile. Time is calculated in 5-minute blocks when the chipper is busy on your pile and does not include transits between stops. CPCFPA/CPLHOA will donate the cost of the chipper transit time, and for the truck haul-away for non-chipped materials. The more volunteers we have, the quicker we can get this done!

HOW to prepare your slash piles:

  • Slash must be easily accessed from the road. The pile must be within 10 feet of the road. Please keep slash out of the drainage ditches. Property with roads on two sides of their lot can place slash to be removed from either roadway. Please try to place slash where the roadway is widest to keep roadway open during chipping.

  • Slash must be piled at the roadside with the butts of the branches towards the roadway so it can be easily grabbed and fed into the chipper.

  • Consolidate your piles as much as possible. Piles can be up to 5 feett in height. The less the chipper needs to move, the faster your pile can be processed.

  • Conifer slash, branches and treetops only - NO STUMPS OR LOGS > 4 inches in diameter.

  • Broadleaf tree slash without roots, aspen, willows, brush, bushes should be piled separately. Those will be loaded onto a separate truck and not chipped.

  • Pine needles and cones should be piled separately and do not need to be bagged.

  • We will NOT be accepting logs > 4 inches, chunk wood, decayed wood, grasses or noxious weeds.

We are requesting you have your slash stacked by September 24th so we can drive around and accurately assess the chipping time needed to complete the project. If you wish to stack more items after that date, please let the coordinator know to get prior approval.

You might also want to watch the video found below and implement its suggestions to reduce the risk your home will ignite in an ember storm. To volunteer for this event, or to get additional information about supporting the CPCFPA, please contact Barbara Mazurowski

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