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The CPCFPA aims to protect people, properties, animals, and the environment from wildfires. We do this through outreach, education, fire mitigation, the creation of defensible space, and emergency evacuation plans.


The Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association is a volunteer-led organization tasked with developing fire protection plans and projects to keep the people, properties, animals and the environment in and surrounding Crescent Park safe from damaging and destructive wildfires. Please join us in our efforts to keep our community safe by volunteering, participating in our educational and fire mitigation events,  and making donations. 


Home Inspection Zone (HIZ) events have been underway in our community at various residential locations and will continue until enough of our homes are inspected and we meet criteria to become a Firewise® community. Learn how to reduce your home's risk of igniting in the event of a wildfire and help fire fighters safely protect your property. Let us know if you want to volunteer for a walk-through inspection of your home.


The CPCFPA is in the process of receiving 501(c)(3) status so your donations are tax-deductible and we can apply for grants that will fund fire mitigation and emergency evacuation route projects. In the interim, we appreciate all donations to seed our nonprofit start-up. Please email the association's treasurer, Steve Shelton, to discuss donation options. A donation of $150 qualifies you to receive a free mitigation tool called The Mitagator(tm).

Get Involved

We are grateful to our founding members and association officers for their work in getting the organization up and running in a short period of time, especially Barbara Mazurowski, President, who is the brainchild of this effort. This is an entirely  volunteer organization and it will take every resident doing their part to prevent wildfires from consuming our homes and endangering our lives. Please participate, volunteer, and donate. We need everyone!

Breaking News 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Slash Collection Event sponsored by United Power and Good People Tree Service!  See more about the event here

Upcoming Event:

Crescent Park Fire Protection Education Event May 18

Date:  Saturday, May 18, 2024 

Time:  9:30AM

Location:  11720 Spruce Canyon Circle 

Presentations: 10:00 to 11:00am

Would you like to volunteer to assist with the logistics of this event? We will need many volunteers to load the slash at various Crescent Park Community residences. Please contact Board President Barbara Mazurowsky to express your interest in volunteering.

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