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Wildfire Mitigation Resources

Wildfires are a natural part of Colorado’s forests. Three million Coloradans live in a wildland-urban interface, where homes and other structures intermingle with wildland vegetation, you are at risk of being affected by wildfire. Planning ahead and taking action can increase the likelihood your home survives when a wildfire occurs. We can all help make our neighborhood and community a safer place by learning more about how and why wildfires start. Below are a number of links to resources from national, state and county/local organizations - everything you need to know to keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe from wildfire related hazards. Make your home safer and create an emergency evacuation plan with these resources.

Coal Creek Canyon
Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

The 2024 Coal Creek Canyon CWPP is finished! The full CWPP, along will all the supplemental information, can be found on the CWPP website here,

The Crescent Park Community Action Plan is available here.  These pages are also available in the Resident Action Plan on pages 33 to 35.  Visit to see the full Resident Action Plan, including details on Home Hardening, Home Ignition Zones, and Evacuation Preparedness.  

Emergency Alerts

SIGN UP FOR ALERTS IN MULTIPLE COUNTIES! Emergency Managers recommend signing up for alerts in multiple counties to ensure you receive all notifications and receive them early. For our community, it is recommended that you sign up for emergency alerts in Jefferson, Boulder, and Gilpin Counties.

Jefferson County

Sign up for Lookout Alert and download the Smart911 App at 

Boulder County

Sign up for Boco Alert to receive Boulder County's alerts at

Gilpin County

Sign up for Hyper-reach to receive Gilpin County's alerts at

National, State & County Resources

Colorado Forest Service Property Wide Assessments

The Forest Service charges $93/hour for Property Wide Assessments (roughly 4-8 hours). This service is free for Boulder County residents through Wildfire Partners at Boulder County - - with some grant funds for use towards the implementation of the HIZ work needed.  Homeowners who are interested in a property-wide assessment should contact Dan Allen at 

Home Safety Preparedness

Firewise: How to Prepare Your Home For Wildfires

Other Resources

CAL Fire Helpful Resources

Ready for Wildfire?

Building Materials Listing


Local Contractors and Resources

Good People Tree Service

Timberline Fire's Mitigation Crew

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