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Make Preparedness a Priority

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Fire seasons have lengthened so much that we now use the term fire year, firefighting costs are breaking new records, and loss of life and property are part of an alarming new pattern. The ability to mitigate these impacts with community collaboration is critically important. Even small actions can have a big impact on fire outcomes for your home, family and community. In recent years, several examples of community mitigation efforts have emerged to demonstrate the tradeoff values of doing work before the fire, across property boundaries and within communities. The Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association's mandate is to increase safety from wildfires for our people, properties, animals and environment. We hope you will subscribe to receive updates from us as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can stay tuned to our developing projects. Meanwhile, please consider joining one of the upcoming home ignition zone audits to learn how you can mitigate the risk of your home igniting from flying embers. We look forward to your participation in community events as well as your financial support. The board of the CPCFPA.

Complete the actions recommended by your site assessment: move your firewood pile, replace bark mulch with rock or pavers, clean out materials from underneath your deck and make sure your gutters are free of debris.

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