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Donate to the CPCFPA and get your own Mitagator™

Anyone making a donation in 2021 to the CPCFPA of $150 or more will be offered one The Mitagator™ hand tool. The Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association (CPCFPA) has been researching fire mitigation practices and products for the benefit of our community. The Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative has recommended this wonderful hand tool to add to your fire mitigation arsenal. Help us raise funds for our many upcoming fire protection projects. We have ambitious plans for 2022 to provide alternate evacuation routes, update the Crescent Park Fire Prevention Plan, provide more Home Ignition Zone audits, plan fire prevention events, and hold our first Annual Educational Event. For this we need funds, even though, as a nonprofit, we will also be applying for Grants. We would like to offer you this tool as a fundraiser for our CPCFPA. Please make checks payable to CPCFPA and drop them off in Steve Shelton’s mailbox at 30154 Spruce Canyon Drive or Barbara Mazurowski’s mailbox at 29294 Spruce Canyon Drive. If you would like to try The Mitagator® for yourself and see how easy it is to use, Barbara has one you can check out. We greatly appreciate your continued support.

The Mitagator™ was developed by Bill Link, a former firefighter with the California Department of Forestry, now known as CalFire. In 2000, Bill was living in Big Bear, California during an especially bad fire season. As the fires crept closer to the little mountain town, the city ordered local property owners to remove all pine needles and other ground fuels from their properties. As a former wildland firefighter, he understood the importance of clearing that land, but found it was difficult to get the job done. That year, he began designing a tool specifically to quickly remove the ground fuels that feed wildfires. After 18 years of developing, testing, and perfecting his design, in 2018 The Mitagator™ was born. The entire tool is manufactured in the USA, with USA sourced materials. Because The Mitagator™ is so uniquely effective for removing ground fuels, Bill won an award in 2020 for Product Innovation from the National Hardware Retailer's Association. Bill originally designed The Mitagator™ for professional wildland firefighters, but its lightweight, efficient design has made it popular with homeowners as well. It is our opinion that every homeowner in the forested foothills would benefit greatly by using this tool. CPCFPA recently tested The Mitagator™ and we are truly impressed. It is a fast and nearly effortless means of gathering duff (pine needles, pinecones, dead weeds, dried leaves, and fallen branches). It can be used to break dead branches out of trees/bushes, as well as rake combustible debris from rocked areas around homes and in flower beds without harming the plants. After raking, the tool makes it easy to lift and dump huge loads of duff directly into bags, tarps, or pickup truck beds. And it even stands on its own.

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