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Be Your Own Hero

Wildfires have had devastating effects on Jefferson County. Due to the county's geographic makeup, wildfire is always a concern, and it is a more potent threat during droughts or dry spells. During large-scale disasters such as these, responding law enforcement, fire, and EMS are very busy preventing loss of life and property, gaining control of the situation, and mitigating its impact on the community. As a result, emergency personnel and resources may be spread thin and may not be able to provide assistance for you and your family quickly. Therefore, residents are being encouraged by Jefferson County officials to take matters into their own hands to "Be Your Own Hero" rather than rely on the ability of law enforcement or fire personnel to rescue you or save your property during a wildfire or other disaster identified in Jefferson County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) works with your local fire departments to provide as many resources as possible during a wildfire event and to safely get people out of harm’s way. View this video on YouTube to learn more.

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